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Again this year, we would like to work to sponsor or partially sponsor a Fence build for a dog or dogs to give them a life off chains. Heart of the Carolinas Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry is a 501 (c) 3 organization run entirely by volunteers. St Luke's has sponsored a fence build several years starting in 2019.


A full fence build begins at $800 now with expenses and rises if more than one dog. It means the world to these dogs who were previously chained to a tree and were like a target for other animals and had no life at all. The build builds the fence with a gate, dog house, tarp, and includes spay/neuter an vaccines for these dogs as well as toys, pooper scooper and water pail and some food. It is a beautiful ministry and the gratitude seen in the dogs as they are introduced to their own safe fenced area complete with dog house(s) a tarp with protection from the elements and safety from attacks from other animals. It is a worthy cause and we try to sponsor a build every year.


Last year we were able to  raise $900 and they built a fence for 4 dogs which gave them a new life off the chains.

The Animal Ministry of St. Luke’s works with HATS (Helping Animals to Survive) to help with the Barn Cat Program and we deliver cat food monthly to help feral cats in this program and work with our community partner Betty and Tom Fhlor at Treasures on Main who donates ten twenty pound bags of dry cat food on alternate months and this more than doubles our contribution to the Barn Cat Program.

HATS (Helping Animals to Survive) is a 501c-3 organization attached to the Lincoln County Animal Services. HATS works over the shelter to provide services and monies to help the No Kill shelter and LCAS in Lincolnton is one of the few shelters in NC, which is County run and has NO KILL status, One of the HATS programs is the Barn Cat Program which seeks barn owners for placement of feral cats who are not adoptable and were euthanized in the past.


These unadoptable cats are placed in the Barn Cat Program and put on farms with barns with owners consent. There are 50 plus cats that HATS is responsible for provided supplemental food as the animals some times seasons of the year cannot hunt enough to survive.

Get involved! The best way to experience the mission of the church is to volunteer for the Outreach Committee. You do not have to be a member of St. Luke's, or even attend worship services if you feel called to serve.


Call the church office:
704-240-3332, or email:,

and we'll put you to work in an area that suits your interests and fits in with your free time. 

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