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Winter 2024 Worship Schedule
Sundays - 10:00am Holy Eucharist at St. Luke's
Sundays - 11:30am Holy Eucharist at Our Saviour Woodside

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What is it like to worship at St. Luke's?


St. Luke's has aspects that are both traditional and modern, but in the sanctuary the traditional aspect is most evident.


When you come to worship on Sunday, you will be met at the door by ushers who will give you a bulletin with the weekly readings. We observe quiet before the service for silent prayer and reflection. The service begins when a bell announces the procession into the church by the pastor, acolytes, and choir. Observing these traditions helps us open our hearts and minds to the presence of God in this sacred place. We invite you to experience it for yourself!

Open to exceptions. These words of our mission statement reflect both the Great Commission: Matthew 28:16–20, and the Great Commandment: Matthew 22: 35–40 and Mark 12: 28–34.


Celebration of the Eucharist is the holiest and perhaps most beautiful part of our worship service. All who have been baptized may share in Holy Communion. If it is not your preference to receive the sacraments, simply cross you arms over your chest and you will receive a blessing from the celebrant.

Children and Infants are welcome in the worship service! Contact the church office 704-240-3332 if you have concerns about bringing little ones.

Physically challenged visitors may use handicapped parking spaces on Cedar Street. Enter at the side entrance where there are no steep steps.

Parking is all along Cedar Street (but not on Sycamore Street).


Coffee Hour follows the Sunday Service. Sometimes it's just coffee and cookies; sometimes it's a lavish brunch, but it's always a good time for folks to chat and meet newcomers. If you are visiting, don't miss Coffee Hour in the Parish House!

Restrooms are located in the Parish House. 

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