St. Luke's is one of our town's oldest churches. 

We can trace our congregation back to 1736. Our official foundation was November 29, 1841, and the church was built in 1842 -1843. The spectacular stained glass windows are primarily the work of Charles Booth (1844-1893).

Our Campus:

The Parish House is a gathering place for Adult Forum, Coffee Hour, and Special Events. It is available for rental when not in use by our members.

The Rectory, built in 1911 as a home for our pastor, is also on the National Register of Historic Places.


The Graveyard has headstones dating from the 1843, and many famous Lincolntonians are buried there. There is a detailed account that is well worth reading in the

St. Luke's Historic Preservation brochure.

St. Luke's House, originally built as a convent for the Sisters of the Transfiguration, is currently leased to a non-profit organization. 

St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Lincolnton. Written in pencil on the back of the photo: "Silas McBee carrying the cross_Lives in New York. Katie Hoke Hall leading procession." From the Sumner Family Collection.

Our Clergy


The Rev. Elizabeth Tester












The Rev. Elizabeth "Liz" Tester is originally from Western North Carolina and graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Religion from Appalachian State University in 2004. Elizabeth pursued her Master's of Divinity at Virginia Theological Seminary where she met her husband The Rev. Oscar Rozo. Liz was ordained in 2013 and for the past 7 years, she has served as rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Watertown, WI. Liz served on the Standing Committee for the Diocese of Milwaukee. Oscar and Elizabeth have two children Ezekiel (Zeke) and Miriam (Mimi). She also has a pit-bull named Amos (Aimes) and a Persian cat named Bathsheba (Sheebs). Liz is thrilled to be back in the mountains as the Priest in Charge of St. Luke's, Lincolnton and Our Savior, Lincolnton and serve a diocese she loves. Liz began her duties among us the first week of August.

Connect with

Rev. Elizabeth Tester


Rev. Elizabeth's Office Hours in the parish house:

  • Tuesday 9am - 4pm

  • Wednesday 9am - 4pm

  • Friday 9am - 4pm


Email her:


Our Vestry
The governing body of Episcopal churches is called the vestry; members are elected by the congregation. Their responsibilities are to support the church's mission by word and deed, to select the pastor or priest, to ensure effective organization and planning, and to  manage resources and finances. The pastor or priest is the presiding officer.

Officers of the Vestry of St. Luke's:

Sr. Warden- Trey Suttle

Jr. Warden- Susie Parris

Clerk- Delane Clark

Treasurer- Winnie Cunningham

Assist. Treasurer - Nancy Lisk

Members of the Vestry:

Kim Crump

Nancy Lisk

Nadine Skoglund

Michael Warren

"Luke, the beloved physician, greets you." Colossians 4:14


Saint Luke the Evangelist (born Antioch, Syria, Roman Empire; died March 84AD near Boeotia, Greece) is one of the four traditionally-ascribed authors of the Gospels. Early church  fathers believed he wrote both the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, which would mean Luke contributed over a quarter of the New Testament-- more than any other author. 

St. Luke is the patron saint of artists, physicians, bachelors, surgeons, students and butchers! His feast day is held on October 18th.


Music, Art and History

With St. Luke being the patron saint of artists, it is no surprise that many of our members are active in the arts.


Some of the local events we have hosted or participated in include:

The Annual Apple Festival

The Annual Arts Crawl

Art Exhibits

Cemetery Walks


Summer Music Camp

I don't know, what are some more?


Our Outreach Committee is always interested in creative ideas for expanding this list! Start something wonderful by calling the church office at 704-240-3332, or email




315 North Cedar Street Lincolnton, NC 28092


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